Climate & Environment

Climate EnvironmentGrowing populations and consumption are depleting natural resources beyond their carrying capacity, threatening life, welfare and security. NCG has broad and worldwide experience in addressing environmental, natural resource management...

Human Rights & Equality

Screen Shot 2016 07 22 at 14.24.46Human Rights, Democracy and Peace are closely interrelated. The respect for human rights is a cornerstone of stable democratic environments. Indeed, the pursuit of respect for human rights, and democratic environments...

Organisational Development

Sustainable BusinessOrganisations and institutions involved in international development are increasingly asked to demonstrate their results, relevance, efficiency, capacity for innovation and the application of new technologies.

Private Sector

l5tzv1alcps alex wongPrivate sector development (PSD) in developing countries is a necessity if countries are to become independent of foreign assistance and aid.

Public Sector

Governance HomepagePublic and democratic accountability of government at various levels is a precondition for improvement of public sector performance and service delivery.

Social Sector

Health EducationHuman resource development and in particular, equal educational opportunities and basic health services, should be provided for all groups within a society.

Vulnerable States

Urban Rural DevelopmentThe US Foreign Policy magazine has ranked 20 countries as the world´s most vulnerable states. These include inter alia South Sudan, Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Yemen and Ethiopia, where NCG has undertaken consulting work.

Humanitarian Assistance

Humanitarian AssistanceThe international community faces humanitarian crises on a scale not seen since the end of the Second World War. The numbers of refugees and internally displaced people, particularly in the Middle East and Africa, are rising steadily.