Climate Environment CA PageGrowing populations and consumption are depleting natural resources beyond their carrying capacity, threatening life, welfare and security. NCG has broad and worldwide experience in addressing environmental, natural resource management and climate-related challenges, both at national and local levels. While climate change may have global proportions, environmental problems are in particular effecting developing countries and the poorest part of their populations.

Within the field of environment, natural resources management and climate issues NCG offers, among others, the following services:

• Review of, and support to, formulation of sector policies, plans and programmes for environmental management at local, regional and national levels.

• Studies, reviews and formulation of Environmental Management Systems, including appropriate monitoring and control procedures.

• Environmental impact assessments (EIAs).

• Development of innovative climate finance instruments.

• Application of satellite imagery in resource and climate assessments.

• Mainstreaming climate change, environmental and natural resource management issues in development planning.

• Adaptation and mitigation measures to prevent/reduce negative climate change impacts.

• Assessment of sustainable forest management and REDD+ initiatives.

• Integrated water resources management.

• Water supply, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) evaluation and planning.

• Waste management, including municipal and hazardous/industrial waste management.

• Coastal zone management.

• Establishment of environmental Quality Assurance Systems.

• Capacity building and human resource development in relation to environmental management, monitoring, regulation and control.