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Organisations and institutions involved in international development are increasingly asked to demonstrate their results, relevance, efficiency, capacity for innovation and the application of new technologies. NCG’s consultants have extensive and proven experience with assisting organisations in improving their performance, through managing or advising on change processes both from within organisations and as external consultants.

NCG can assist in enhancing your organisational efficiency and impact. We help you to identify your needs for organisational change and advice on improvement measures, whether through the introduction of new technological solutions, reorganization, capacity-building, team-formation etc. NACG can also assist in the implementation of such actions, be it at headquarters, in the field and/or through wider networks.

More specifically our assistance includes:

• Strategic programming and implementation, based on organisational reviews, such as fit for purpose studies, baseline analysis, and development of theories of change (ToC).

• Program and project formulation and management, including the application of results-based management (RBM), logical framework approach (LFA), planning/ monitoring/evaluating/reporting (PMER) systems, and the development of baselines, risk analysis, indicator tracking, anticorruption strategies and cross-cutting issues.

• Improve workflows, clarity in roles and responsibilities through work process mapping, analysis and development, as well as redefining roles and job-descriptions

• Development and implementation of advocacy strategies towards Norwegian and international decision makers

• Development and implementation of resource mobilisation strategies, including how to maximize donor support (such as understanding the Norad RAM Light system)

• Development and implementation of organisational learning strategies and plans to ensure a process of continuous improvement and best practice in the organisation

• Requirements analyses, bid-processes, selection and negotiations of supplier-contracts, implementation of relevant support technologies, such as document systems, project management systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and donor and customer relations management (CRM)