Health Education CA PageEducation, health and cultural development

Human resource development and in particular, equal educational opportunities and basic health services, should be provided for all groups within a society. NCG has worked extensively with social sector development, and gained experiences from a wide range of fields within health, education and culture. In the health sector, NCG has since 2008 enhanced its competence within the fields of health system support and management, HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender-based violence and harmful traditions. Education assignments have included most thematic areas, from reviews of indigenous informal schools, to country wide public expenditure studies of primary education. NCG has recently finalised a framework contract with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for implementation of the Education White Paper. Further, NCG has consultants specialised in evaluating cultural development cooperation.

NCG offer services in the fields of:

• National and regional sector studies, reviews and evaluations on core issues related to human resource development.

• Studies and reviews of strategies and programme related to primary, secondary and tertiary education.

• Sector planning and programming, for both health and education.

• Studies and reviews of technical and vocational education and training.

• Studies and reviews of teacher training programmes and institutions.

• Design and evaluation of cross-sectoral programmes, integrating health and education.

• Innovative and experimental design for improving capacities and capabilities of the public education and health system

• Assessments throughout the programme/project cycle: sector analysis, appraisals, reviews, and evaluations.

• Evaluating cultural development cooperation.

• Various forms of tailor-made capacity building.