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While around three quarters of the world’s poor live in rural areas, urban poverty is on the rise due to accelerated urbanisation. The majority of developing nations’ populations experience great inequalities between rural and urban populations, in particular with regards to access to quality and affordable education and health services, to clean water and sustainable energy, and to livelihoods and food security.

Our partners and consultants have the hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge and expertise to offer a wide range of tailored urban and rural development services in areas that include:

  • Urban-rural linkages
  • Local government and decentralisation
  • Strengthening capacity of public and private organisations at national, provincial and district levels, and supporting governments in creating enabling business environments for investments
  • Capacity analysis and institutional support to local governments, communities, business organisations and extension services
  • Citizens’ engagement, social accountability, and stakeholder analysis and involvement
  • Land and natural resource management
  • Poverty reduction, food security, food systems and livelihood analysis
  • Development of small-scale agriculture, pastoralism, forestry and fisheries activities for improved livelihoods, diversification and added value
  • Support to small and medium sized enterprises
  • Employment and job creation and income generating activities (IGAs)
  • Value chain analysis on input suppliers, farmers, intermediaries, processors, wholesalers and retailers
  • Access to micro-finance, including village savings and loans associations (VSLAs)
  • Strengthening and development of infrastructure, such as transport, water supply and sanitation, storm water drainage, solid waste management, and electrification

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